Connect with customers ready to invest in renewable energy

Solar is a popular choice for homeowners looking to go green, but there are many companies looking to fulfill their need. To succeed, you need solid leads so you can find interested homeowners before the competition does.

At PremiereMKT, we deliver validated leads for real homeowners who are actively looking to invest in solar technology. These are people who will likely buy from someone soon. Our leads give your team the tools they need to make contact and close the sale.

What Your Sales Reps Should Know About Qualified Leads

When you focus more prospecting effort on qualified leads, the results can be truly amazing. Keep these four types of qualified leads in mind.

When it comes to growing your company, few things are more important than generating qualified leads. 

After all, even if a person or business is technically part of your target market, they won’t necessarily convert into a paying customer.

Lead qualification efforts maximize the potential of your sales team by helping them focus on prospective customers who are most likely to convert.

When you wean out unqualified leads and focus prospecting efforts on candidates with the highest conversion potential, the results can be truly amazing.

What Is a Qualified Lead?

According to research from MarketingSherpa, 73% of B2B leads aren’t “sales ready.” Needless to say, differentiating between qualified leads and unqualified leads is an important starting point for any sales process. In reality, even the most unqualified lead has the potential to become qualified after the right interactions with your marketing. 

In the most basic sense, a qualified lead is someone who is ready to buy and likely to convert. Qualified leads go through your company’s nurturing campaigns. They know what their pain points are and are actively researching solutions and defining a budget to solve these problems.

As a result, they typically already have a decent understanding of what your company offers. At the very least, it means they know enough to have already decided for themselves whether your services are worth investigating further.

On the other hand, an unqualified lead doesn’t have a clear idea of what your company offers. Quite often, they may not fully recognize what their needs are, or what type of solution would best solve their problems. In other words, they are still a long way from being ready to buy.

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