It’s a marketing process used to capture interest in your business. Lead generation is an important stage in the sales funnel, as strangers who show curiosity about your business are good potential customers. A lead is generated when a person provides contact details in exchange for an offer such as a coupon, a job opportunity, or a piece of content. This is your first point of contact. Take a look at our lead generation guide for some in-depth tips.

What Is a Lead Generation Form?
Asking yourself what is a lead form? A lead generation form is a web form meant for capturing emails and other information of potential customers. The most common types of lead generation forms include contact forms, registration forms, and simple newsletter signup forms.

How Do You Optimize Lead Generation?
You’ll see a few themes of effective tactics on this list of lead generation forms examples.

Many of these examples use a combination of some of these simple form optimization tricks:

Use a compelling call to action button
Offer a discount
Optimize your pre-existing content as a lead magnet
Create distraction-free landing pages
Make multi-step forms if you have a long form
Try gamified discount wheel popups
Let’s take a look at some examples of how brands are using these and other lead generation forms tricks next.

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